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 Lingyi Jinggong was established in 2005 in Xiamen, a world renowned international modern city,which is located in the East Fujian in the southeas coastal of China,overlooking Taiwan Island across only a strait.A good brand can't germinate from a barren land. In the national high-tech creation zone, Mr.Wei Yuhong, co-founder of the brand, has been dedicated to the research and development of precision automation equipment only to create more excellent automation equipment,thus the creation of Lingyi Jinggong!

 In 2012, in order to fulfill the corporate business concept of "integrating global advanced resources, servicing customers around the world ", Lingyi Jinggong put huge investment again to build "Dongguan Ling Gong Industrial Co., Ltd." to focused on "development,innovation and independent research of automatic assembly line equipment in die cutting industry". The products' unique humanlized design change has been favored much by customers and the company's fast developing speed has amazed the whole induetry!

 For a long time,we have adhered to "high quality, high taste and high standard" as the basis over which the company was established. Also by applying the enterprise spirit of "Ling as the quality, Yi as the standard, Gong(industry) to be the spirit and Jing(precision)to be the soul", we have successfully achieved the same position with international cutting-edge technologies without any gaps in-between.

 "Luxury as you need, quality as you expect".Only the elite team can breed refined products. The series of our products researched and developed by us independently with innovation have coverd leading technologies in the field,such as:multi-station round-knife die-cutting machines, high-precision flat type die-cutting machine,high precision peritoneal laminating machine, multi-function rotor machine, high-end intelligent robots, mechanical arms and automation peripheral equipment in many different fields and so on. Our products are widely used in aerospace and aviation industry, digital products, LCD, smart phones, auto industry,foundry industry,food, packaging, printing, medical treatment and public health industry and other heavy and light industries.Until now,customers can enjoy a one-stop die cutting solution which plays a leading role in the whole industry.

 As the leader brand of China's high-end automation equipment--Lingyi Jinggong-- will take it as its own responsibility to "set standards for intelligent field and guide the harmonious development of the industry"and will make unremitting efforts to make the prospect "Chinese Lingyi,The world's Lingyi" of this great enterprise to come true.

Extreme precision and stability, cutting-edge technology and a pinnacle masterpiece,China's Lingyi- Lingyi of the world!

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